I'll Keep Dancing On My Own

BREAKING NEWS: Young woman spotted at cinema... ON HER OWN!!


Now before a few of your panic; no I'm not going through a break-up (we're just fine!!) all I did was venture out by myself to the cinema. In my opinion that's not a big deal but holy moly 70% of people last night would definitely disagree with me. This is not the first time I've gone to the cinema on my own - the first time was absolutely wonderful as I ended up having the whole cinema screen to myself meaning I could sing and cry along to Les Mis to my hearts content. I know right... AMAZING! However, last nights visit was quite a different story beginning at the ticket desk ...

"One please"

"Just One?"

Errm yes thank you love, quite sure I don't want to pay for an extra seat that isn't going to be used. Then came the concerned looks from the group behind me followed by similar looks from those sitting in the same row and even being offered to sit with them - nice gesture but no thank you!

What honestly is the big deal? Did I miss some sort of memo that people can't go out on their own?

Why does the general public have the necessity to assume that some thing is wrong with people on their own? This doesn't just happen at the cinema, it happens absolutely everywhere - even Starbucks! Honestly try having a meal out on your own; it can be enough to put you off your food but what am I supposed to do when working away? Sit in my hotel room with a packet of biscuits? (That is actually very tempting but not the point right now.) The idea of doing an activity on your own seems so alien to people that they have to accumulate some story to fathom the situation hence why at the beginning of this blog I had to reassure those close to me that my boyfriend and I haven't broken up!

From the LemonLand map in my first blog (http://www.bernadettelemon.co.uk/lemon-land/2016/9/22/welcome) you will see that I can be quite a solitary being with my Hermit House in the Village of Solitude so I am quite accustomed to my own company and heading off to do activities on my own doesn't bother me at all and I just let judgements pass me by.

So why am I writing this? Whereas I don't care that much with the questioning looks and slight state of confusion in people faces, I know it can (and has) affect other people from spending time on their own out in public. There is absolutely nothing wrong with time by yourself and taking yourself out on a date- I had a fabulous time :D. Really I look at those who seem to have problem with it and feel slightly sorry for them that they don't seem to be comfortable enough to perhaps head out on their own- so honestly who is actually worse off in this? Me for being on my own or you for being with a friend who may not actually want to be there? I think we as a society should have moved on from judging peoples circumstances especially with everything going on these days there are bigger things to fret and frown about than a lady sitting by herself.

Personally I think more people should enjoy their own company sometimes and not have to rely on others, it's not anti-social it's "me-time". Many go through anxiety and identity crisis moments nowadays but how many of those do you reckon spend quality time with themselves? That's almost like trying to bake a cake blindfolded; you'll end up with some sort of outcome probably but you'll end up frustated and probably injured along the way - you need to look at the ingredients and consistency when baking so why when it comes to yourself should it be any different.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself - Diane Von Furstenberg
I always love dancing on my own! Photographer: Rekha Garton

I always love dancing on my own! Photographer: Rekha Garton

For those wondering, I went to watch the glorious ROH: Anastasia last night which combines 2 of my loves - Ballet & Russian history. I'm not going to spoil anything for those venturing to see this but I shall just say.... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!

So remember Lemon Land visitors, next time you want to head out and doing something that no-one else either wants to go to or can't make the time then just go on your own! Squish the haters and just go... you might even have a better time!

Lots of Lemon Love x