Ramblings of a Flower Fairy Princess! Welcome to my world...

People often ask where I spend most of my time and what my world is like so I have been sitting on how to introduce you to Lemon Land for a while now and decided it's easier to just simply show you . . .

As you can see Lemon Land is not your average place stuffed with Politics and Pollution instead you shall discover the lands full of Faeries, Unicorns and other Fantastical Creatures with Seas of Mermaids fashioning Pearl encrusted tails. There are not many rules in Lemon Land however those who do not believe in Magic are politely asked to leave and it is rather frowned upon to wear anything but a Ballgown.

Information about Lemon Land:

Human Population: 1 (with regular human visitors)

Climate: Warm Autumn - the type with crunchy leaves - with the occasionally Rainy day.

Terrain: Flowers!! Flowers everywhere.

Dialect: English

Religion: Magic (derr!!)

Currency: C o T / C.C (Cups of Tea or Cat Cuddles)

Time Zone: GMT

Drives on: Unicorns

Geographical Location: Secret!

There shall be more trips into Lemon Land to come but for now this is all you need to know.

Lots of Lemon Love x